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Addicted To Retail (ATR) Special Feature: Becks Sapphire Launch Installation – LA

Addicted To Retail (ATR) Special Feature: Becks Sapphire Launch Installation – Los Angeles.

Sapphire is the newest entry in Beck’s beer family: a fresh flavor together with a new bottle image inspired by the rarest gemstones. The product is being introduced around the United States throughout 2013. A series of pop-up locations – starting January 17th in Los Angeles, Santa Monica Boulevard– are chosen to day-view the new beer to the American public.

In this occasion, the renowned communication agency ‘Group360 Worldwide’ asked Moritz Waldemeyer to create a unique environment inspired by the black exterior face of the bottle. ‘When I’ve first put my mind into the project’, says Moritz, ‘I pictured a modern luxurious space which recreates the preciousness of sapphires’. Alternations of geometric figures are irregularly positioned to form a cutting edge structure. The artist recreated a crystal cave composed of mirrors that reflect the light in order to transmit the visitor in a surreal landscape.

The goal is to transform an environment using simple triangular shapes that recall the precious stones carved in the rock, ‘leading the viewer through a journey into luxury and elegance’. He explores use of the same geometric shape to render multiple spatial dimensions within the same architecture: triangles become pyramids and the pyramids intersect each other exploiting three-dimensions. An avant-garde work of art that matches Beck’s idea of sophisticated enviroment for the launch of a different type of beer.

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  1. AB

    Interesting… I attended a Beck’s Sapphire NY Fashion Week event a few days ago, where this very geometric figure was rather awkwardly affixed in the center of the loft-like room…it was actually the topic of sarcastic conversation between many party-goers, and I think the “journey into luxury and elegance” was lost on this group who had to look down every time one crossed the room for fear of tripping over it, as was witnessed before Beck’s bottles were imbibed…Sometimes, less is more. IJS

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