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Starbucks Renovation – China

Addicted To Retail (ATR) Presents: Starbucks Zhongxing Renovation.

Starbucks’ in house design team takes on their existing store in China. The Zhongxing location, being the number one store in sales out of Shengyang, recently received a sleek yet cozy renovation by Richard Yuan (Starbucks Shanghai Studio). The overall space still stays within Starbucks original natural and neutral color palate however contrastingly gives off a very industrial and untouched feel.

Hard materials take over the space through wood planks, stone tiles, and brick walls. A comfortable yet inviting interior is still achieved by the warm lighting and soft upholstery. The brick walls with a rustic feel, double as art opportunities creating focal points throughout the space. One feature wall in particular includes a three dimensional relief like piece called the “Coffee Belt,” explaining the origin of some of the featured coffees.

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