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Puma Store – Osaka

Addicted To Retail (ATR) presents: Puma Store Osaka by Plajer & Franz Studio.

In Osaka, Japan a new Puma brand store opened. Puma stores in several other cities (like Amsterdam, London, Paris, Berlin) were designed by Plajer & Franz Studio. And now they got to reinvent the Puma store once again for Osaka.

The façade is light, made out of meshed metal allowing daylight to enter the store. At night, the interior lighting beams out, illuminating the street and giving a sneak preview of the shop’s inside during closing hours.

The interior design unites the individual concepts for sport lifestyle, performance, and black label. It aims at strengthening the brand image, enhancing the display of Puma’s collections, while celebrating footwear as the core of the brand. This is mostly done by a cone-shaped staircase in the centre of the store. It not only draws attention to its design but above all to the footwear tribune at the foot of it.

*Images by Nacasa & Partners Inc.

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