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Otsuka-Gofukuten Shop – Kyoto

Addicted To Retail (ATR) presents: Japanese designer Yusuke Seki’s plan to bring traditional Japanese dress back into fashion with this modern kimono shop in Kyoto.

The concept for the Otsuka-Gofukuten shop is to simplify the process of having a kimono made-to-measure, encouraging more people to wear the historic robes day-to-day. “Japanese people would wear kimonos in everyday life in bygone eras, nowadays we only wear for special occasions,” say the design team. Yusuke Seki planned the store with three separate displays areas, allowing a clear distinction between different styles and price ranges to make the experience easier for the customer.

Ageing ceramic tiles line the walls, serving as a reminder of the 70-year history of the building that was previously used as a tofu retailer. Rather than retaining the smooth surface of these tiles, Seki chose to chisel away at each one to create a similar texture to crumpled fabric. Accessories are placed on low tables, while painted stones are scattered across the floor. “The main design concept uses aspects from the past and introduces new hand craft towards a new design for the future,” say the team.

Yusuke Seki is a Tokyo-based designer who set up his studio in 2008. Since then he’s worked on a couple of sweet shops for Papabubble, including one in collaboration with Spanish designer with Jaime Hayon. Other Japanese shop interiors completed recently include the flagship for fashion brand Takeo Kikuchi and a Starbucks coffee shop designed like a library.

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*Photography is by Takumi Ota

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  1. ESH

    Nice space and concept. I like the touches of the chiseled tile and placed red branches.

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